How to Get a Job at Your Dream Company

We all have that one company that we would like to work for. Perhaps business majors look to organizations like Google, Apple, or Facebook. Those studying International Relations and Diplomacy might find NGOs, government institutions, or further studies in law attractive.

But what does it take to secure a job at your dream company or organization? Is it pure luck, knowing the right people, or being the best of the best? Turns out, it’s a combination and a few other elements. Don’t despair if that seems like a tall order, though.


This article from Careerealism talks about how to get a job at Apple. We would argue, though, that the advice given could apply to a variety of other opportunities as well. There are some concrete steps you can start taking right now.

Don’t forget, if you need help seeking a referral or finding an internship, the Career Services office is here to assist you!


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