Schiller T-Shirt Design Contest

Schiller is expanding its merchandise selection, and we are soliciting new design ideas for t-shirts. Let your inner graphic designer out and submit your idea!


  • Only original designs; designs should not contain copyrighted material.
  • Please include ‘Schiller International University’ and the Schiller logo (see librarian)
  • There should be no text or visuals on the back.
  • Front side, ca. 30 x 30 cm, 3 colors.
  • Attach entries as JPEG or pdf- files. Please be prepared to submit the original illustrator or Adobe Photoshop file in case your artwork is chosen.
  • To be eligible to enter and win, entrants must be 18 years of age or older, and student or alumni of Schiller International University.
  • Entries will be reviewed by staff of Schiller International University.

Please submit your proposal by November 14, 2012, to Teresa Turiel.


The winning idea will be used for printing new Schiller T-Shirts and perhaps other items. The three best proposals will be awarded with the new Schiller T-Shirts. The winner will additionally receive a 50 € gift coupon for the Bookstore.



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