Antidote to Boring Presentations

A Schiller Madrid colleague showed us Prezi yeserday, and we´re obsessed! Naturally we thought we´d share this useful tool with you, as surely you´ll be making presentations for classes.

Prezi is described as a zoomable cloud-based presentation software canvas. There is a growing trend toward minimalism in general and in business particularly. If you read TrendHunter (see our blogroll), you´ll know that consumer packaging and marketing is also simplifying.

What does all of this mean? Use Prezi because it´s a clean, interesting, and fun way to create and deliver presentations. We are in the planning stages of our next round of workshops, which we hope will include public speaking and presentations. In the meantime, check out our blog post about giving presentations.

Enjoy Prezi! Feel free to send us your presentations and we´ll load them up to Schiller´s SlideShare account.


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