Market Yourself: Personal Branding

We know that a company´s brand is one of its most valuable assets, and that companies invest a lot of time and money into building consumer awareness of its products´ unique characteristics. Why not use the same idea for your job search or career plan? This post will teach you how to develop your personal brand.

Branding is not a new idea by any means. In fact, as far back as the 1550s branding meant “an identifying mark made by a hot iron.”

Don´t worry, though; creating your personal brand will be much less painful. The concept of personal branding was popularized in 1997 and has generated a lot of buzz in the last few years. In today´s competitive economy, it´s essential that we be able to set ourselves apart in the job search process.

Step 1: Build Your Brand

What are the unique skills and chracteristics that you offer to employers? Think about what sets you apart, and what your niche is. You can do this by making a list of your core values, passions, skills, and personal qualities and then narrowing it down to the five most important items.

Step 2: Create Your Brand

It may take a little time to set up, but having the following materials ready will really pay off.

  • Business card
  • Resume, cover letter, and references
  • Portfolio
  • Website or blog
  • Social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Video resume, uploaded to YouTube

Step 3: Communicate Your Brand

Once you have everything ready, you´ll want people to actually see it!

  • Write articles on your blog or link other sources
  • Integrate your social media by posting links between your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Comment on other blog, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts and RT on Twitter
  • Attend events
  • Make sure to constantly update and maintain your brand vehicles

This may sound like a lot of work, but building a personal brand can be fun. For more information, see personal branding guru Dan Schwabel´s blog.

If you would like assistance creating your personal brand, please make an appointment with Schiller Madrid´s Career Services office.


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