The Value of an MBA

What’s the point of getting an MBA? And why should you get an MBA right now?

A Master in Business Administration will give you a great overall vision of corporate operations. Knowing best practices of business management allows you to interact with each business unit department and can be the basis for a C-level or executive career track.

  • Current Economy: Today’s economic conditions are even more competitive for job-seekers or those looking for a promotion or new challenge. The answer– increase your skills to make yourself more marketable. An MBA provides advanced knowledge of business operations and management combined with technical skills
  • Networking: A university environment is a great place to build professional relationships with other students, alumni, faculty and staff, and community members. Make the most of your higher education by practicing good networking habits.
  • Career Change: If you’re unhappy in your current field or just want to utilize other abilities, having completed an MBA communicates to hiring managers that you’re serious about your new career direction
  • Higher Salary: Most MBA graduates see a 56% salary increase. You may receive even more if you have several years of experience and a high GPA or other resume builders
  • More Options: Earning an MBA gives you the option of applying for a wide range of positions in different fields. Or you can start your own business and be your own boss using the tools you’ve learned.

No matter your stage in life, an MBA can be a great decision for these reasons and more. An advanced degree is certainly an investment in your future. This helpful calculator from can show you your return on investment. 

Schiller Madrid offers flexible MBA options, focused on giving students the skills they need for a great career in today’s global business environment. If you are interested in continuing your education, feel free to send us an email at or stop by for more information. 

Have you completed an MBA at Schiller? Tell us in the comments section how you’ve benefited!



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